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Wix for Small Business: The Comprehensive Guide to DIY vs. Wix Studio Expertise

Updated: Mar 5

In today's digital age, a robust online presence is essential for small businesses. I'm Zoe, and I specialize in using Wix to support entrepreneurs like you. My goal is to empower your business with a seamless online experience, saving you time and helping you thrive. Let's explore the advantages of working with me as a Wix Studio expert.

DIY with Wix: A Time-Consuming Challenge

1. Cost-Effective, but Time-Intensive: Embarking on the DIY path can save you money, but it's often time-consuming. As a small business owner, your time is a precious resource that's better spent on core operations.

2. Design Limitations: Self-taught web design might limit you to basic features, missing out on the full potential of your website.

Partnering with Zoe Powell Designs: Your Time-Saving Solution

1. Professional Expertise: With me as your Wix Studio expert, you benefit from professional web design, but it doesn't stop there. I offer comprehensive solutions, including branding, colours, fonts, logos, image editing, and more.

2. Time Efficiency: Partnering with a professional means you regain valuable time. While I enhance your website and branding, you can focus on your business.

3. Advanced Design and Branding: I have in-depth knowledge of Wix's new Studio editor, coupled with expertise in branding, ensuring that your business stands out.

Real-World Example:

Let's illustrate the stark contrast between DIY web design and collaborating with Zoe Powell Designs:

You're a small business owner with the aspiration of establishing a professional online presence. You decide to take the DIY route and start from scratch, building your website. While this may seem cost-effective, it quickly becomes apparent that it's an intricate and time-consuming process. You find yourself grappling with design elements, layout issues, and the technicalities of creating a functional website.

Days turn into weeks as you invest hours trying to master the intricacies of web design. Your vision for your business is partially put on hold as you navigate the steep learning curve of website creation. Your limited time becomes a significant hindrance.

In contrast, another business owner collaborates with Zoe Powell Designs. Within the same timeframe, their website is up and running, precisely tailored to their brand. It's not just functional; it's an engaging online space that reflects their business values. The time saved means they can swiftly focus on their core operations, attracting visitors, and converting them into customers.


The choice between a DIY approach and collaborating with me, has a profound impact on your business. As a small business owner, time is one of your most valuable assets. Partnering with an expert like me empowers you to excel in your core business activities while I perfect your online presence.

I'm not just a website designer; I'm also a graphic creator who can help with branding, colours, fonts, logos, image editing, and more. Together, we'll craft a digital identity that resonates with your audience and leaves you with more time to run your business effectively. Let's transform your online presence together for success. Thank you for reading.


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